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Not all businesses or industries are alike

That’s why at Bring IT, we tailor our solutions to fit your specific needs. We are a technology partner that brings our expertise in supply chain, finance, and analytics best practices with deep industry knowledge in four verticals: Manufacturing, Retail, Wholesale and Distribution, and Food and Beverage.




The best manufacturing solutions are competitive differentiators.  Companies that are in complete control of every aspect of the production process are able to produce products that are market leaders.


From a design sketch to mass production, and from demand planning to the distribution channels, having the right systems in place will increase organization-wide efficiency and productivity.  Partner with us to manufacture the best products created through the best processes.

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Bring IT offers the following Manufacturing solutions:

Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing

Order to Cash

Procure to pay

Demand Planning

Quality Management

Operations and Production Control




Today’s consumers have higher expectations than ever before. They want to shop whenever and however they choose through the channels they prefer—all without sacrificing choice, convenience, or price.


Establishing an effective omni-channel strategy can deliver substantial and tangible results for your retail business.Creating a bond with your customer and their shopping experience will increase your sales generated via the web, mobile, in store and call centers.


Partner with us to optimize your retail strategy and increase sales.

Bring IT offers the following

Retail solutions:

In-store point of sales

Omni-channel servicing

Digital selling tool

Lifetime order history

Online Commerce

Warehouse management

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Wholesale and

Distribution Solutions


To be a key player in this competitive industry, you need to always know where your product is located,  in real-time and in any geography.  To be able to accomplish this, your supply chain needs to be connected from start to finish, and your systems need to provide end to end visibility of your product. This visibility enables another key differentiator in today’s market: the speed with which you can fulfill your customer needs.


Partner with us to be able to pin point the location of your product anytime and anywhere, and to get it to customers faster than your competitors.

Bring IT offers the following wholesale and distribution solutions:

Order management

Warehouse management

Demand planning



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Marketing and promotions


Food and Beverage  Solutions


The freshness and quality of food and beverage products is critical to maintaining trust with customers.


To guarantee this, you need to control the location of your product, as well as the time spent and environment of your product in each location. The handling of your product is also imperative, which requires visibility to how your suppliers and consumers are interacting with your inventory. Today’s customer experience – whether it is seeing, touching, talking about, or clicking on foods and beverages to purchase – requires today’s companies to effectively manage all sales channels (on premise, online, business to business, and even call centers) to deliver a best in class customer experience.



Partner with us to meet and exceed your customer’s expectations in this critical industry vertical, where ensuring the quality, freshness, and accessibility of your product is not only a matter of efficiency, but of health and safety as well.

Bring IT offers the following food and beverage solutions:

Marketing and promotions

Demand planning and scheduling

Order management

Warehouse management

Operations and production control

Quality management

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