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We like to think of ourselves as advisors first and technology providers second. We only succeed when our clients succeed, and that’s why our driving force, every day, is to help you find the best way forward.


Established in 2015 in the Bay Area, Bring IT was born out of an opportunity first identified by CEO Omar Palacios. Through his role on the Customer Advisory Board for NetSuite, Palacios observed customer after customer whose supply chain systems were operating in silos, resulting in disaggregated and non-optimized data streams and therefore zero to very limited analytics capability.


Palacios joined forces with other supply chain and IT system experts who were also inspired to connect the dots for these customers.  They knew they could accelerate their clients’ business growth by implementing, integrating, and optimizing their systems and satellite tools, and working with them to organize and analyze their data to deliver powerful business insights.


Today, with an established company and growing team in the US and Mexico, Bring IT deploys best in class system architectures which enable clients to have a seamlessly integrated global network of suppliers and partners. With data available to customers near real time and the supply chain performing at its maximum potential, customers are able to focus on their core business growth.

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Omar Palacios

Colin Camara

Alejandro Morris

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Financial Officer

VP, Strategy

Matthew Silay

Mark Bussey

Adolfo Pulido

Chief Technology Officer

Executive Advisor

Head of Mexico Operations

70% of our employees are certified in one or more certification available from our technology partners:





  • Suite Success
  • ARM (Advanced Revenue Management)
  • Suite Billing
  • Multi-Book
  • PBCS
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Suite Commerce in Store

Point of sales


  • Suite commerce in store
  • Suite Script 1.0
  • Suite Script 2.0

Application to application integration

Dell Boomi Architect

Celigo  Architect


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